Maiya Ke Mahima (Rajesh Thakur & Soni Jha)

Aasinak Ijoriya Ke (Rajesh Thakur & Soni Jha).Mp3 [Download]?

Chunari Laal Shobhaiya (Rajesh Thakur).Mp3 [Download]?

Jagu Jagu Bhawani Maiya (Rajesh Thakur).Mp3 [Download]?

Jay Bhagwati Devi Namo Varde (Rajesh Thakur).Mp3 [Download]?

Mandir Me Baisal Chhi Maa Kali (Rajesh Thakur).Mp3 [Download]?

Naari Chhi Anhaa Laaj Bachabu (Rajesh Thakur).Mp3 [Download]?

Naihar Aab Hum Jaib (Soni Jha).Mp3 [Download]?

Sunu Katha Yau Maa Ambe Ke (Rajesh Thakur).Mp3 [Download]?

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  1. Really Maithil proud of this Website ….
    i’m Ajay Choupal Maithil… From Sharda Films And Music (owner) dot .. this is a no.1 site of Mithila … ver apiciated…

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